(An Autonomous Post-Graduate Institute). Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

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career & opportunities

     Result of examination held on 18 & 19 December 2019 to fill various posts in JSSHS

Administrative Officer

Administrative Officer ML Absentees

2. Administrative Officer ML Rollwise

3. Administrative Officer ML ExSM

4. Administrative Officer ML CML

5. Administrative Officer ML UR
- -
Assistant Dietician

Assistant Dietician ML Absentees

2. Assistant Dietician ML CML

3. Assistant Dietician ML Rollwise

4. Assistant Dietician ML UR

- -
C.S.S.D. Assistant

C.S.S.D. Assistant ML Absentees

2. C.S.S.D. Assistant ML CML

3. C.S.S.D. Assistant ML OBC

4. C.S.S.D. Assistant ML Rollwise

5. C.S.S.D. Assistant ML SC

6. C.S.S.D. Assistant ML UR

- -
C.S.S.D. Technician

C.S.S.D. Technician ML Absentees

2. C.S.S.D. Technician ML CML

3. C.S.S.D. Technician ML Rollwise

4. C.S.S.D. Technician ML UR

- -
E.C.G. Technician

E.C.G. Technician ML Absentees

2. E.C.G. Technician ML CML

3. E.C.G. Technician ML OBC

4. E.C.G. Technician ML Rollwise

5. E.C.G. Technician ML SC

6. E.C.G. Technician ML UR

- -
Head Clerk

HeadClerk ML Absentees

2. HeadClerk ML CML

3. HeadClerk ML Ex-SM

4. HeadClerk ML Rollwise

5. HeadClerk ML UR

- -
Junior Radiographer (Radiology)

JuniorRadiographer(Radiology) ML Absentees

2. JuniorRadiographer(Radiology) ML CML

3. JuniorRadiographer(Radiology) ML Ex-SM

4. JuniorRadiographer(Radiology) ML OBC

5. JuniorRadiographer(Radiology) ML PWD

6. JuniorRadiographer(Radiology) ML Rollwise

7. JuniorRadiographer(Radiology) ML SC

8. JuniorRadiographer(Radiology) ML UR

- -
Lab. Assistant

Lab. Assistant ML Absentees

2. Lab. Assistant ML CML

3. Lab. Assistant ML OBC

4. Lab. Assistant ML Rollwise

5. Lab. Assistant ML SC

6. Lab. Assistant ML ST

7. Lab. Assistant ML UR

- -
Lab. Technician (Group III)

Lab. Technician (Group III) ML Absentees

2. Lab. Technician (Group III) ML CML

3. Lab. Technician (Group III) ML ExSM

4. Lab. Technician (Group III) ML Rollwise

5. Lab. Technician (Group III) ML UR

- -
Lab. Technician (Group IV)

Lab. Technician (Group IV) ML Absentees

2. Lab. Technician (Group IV) ML CML

3. Lab. Technician (Group IV) ML Ex-SM

4. Lab. Technician (Group IV) ML OBC

5. Lab. Technician (Group IV) ML Rollwise

6. Lab. Technician (Group IV) ML SC

7. Lab. Technician (Group IV) ML UR

- -
Lower Division Clerk

Lower Division Clerk ML Absentees

2. Lower Division Clerk ML CML

3. Lower Division Clerk ML OBC

4. Lower Division Clerk ML Rollwise

- -
Nursing Officer

Nursing Officer ML Absentees

2. Nursing Officer ML CML

3. Nursing Officer ML Ex-SM

4. Nursing Officer ML OBC

5. Nursing Officer ML PWD

6. Nursing Officer ML Rollwise

7. Nursing Officer ML SC

8. Nursing Officer ML ST

9. Nursing Officer ML UR

- -
Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist ML Absentees

2. Occupational Therapist ML CML

3. Occupational Therapist ML Rollwise

4. Occupational Therapist ML UR

- -

Pharmacist ML Absentees

2. Pharmacist ML CML

3. Pharmacist ML OBC

4. Pharmacist ML Rollwise

5. Pharmacist ML SC

6. Pharmacist ML ST

7. Pharmacist ML UR

- -

Physiotherapist ML Absentees

2. Physiotherapist ML CML

3. Physiotherapist ML Rollwise

4. Physiotherapist ML SC

- -
Public Relation Officer

Public Relation Officer ML Absentees

2. Public Relation Officer ML CML

3. Public Relation Officer ML Rollwise

4. Public Relation Officer ML SC

- -
Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist ML Absentees

2. Speech Therapist ML CML

3. Speech Therapist ML Rollwise

4. Speech Therapist ML UR

- -
Sr. Radiographer

Sr. Radiographer (Radiology) ML Absentees

2.Sr. Radiographer (Radiology) ML CML

3.Sr. Radiographer (Radiology) ML Rollwise

4.Sr. Radiographer (Radiology) ML SC

5.Sr. Radiographer (Radiology) ML ST

6.Sr. Radiographer (Radiology) ML UR

- -
Statistical Assistant

Statistical Assistant ML Absentees

2. Statistical Assistant ML CML

3. Statistical Assistant ML OBC

4. Statistical Assistant ML Rollwise

5. Statistical Assistant ML SC

6. Statistical Assistant ML ST

- -
Statistical Officer (Planning)

Statistical Officer (Planning) ML Absentees

2.Statistical Officer (Planning) ML CML

3.Statistical Officer (Planning) ML Rollwise

4.Statistical Officer (Planning) ML UR

- -
Statistical Officer(Medical Record)

Statistical Officer(Medical Record) ML Absentees.pd

2.Statistical Officer(Medical Record) ML CML

3.Statistical Officer(Medical Record) ML Rollwise

4.Statistical Officer(Medical Record) ML UR

- -
Stenographer Grade III

Stenographer Grade - III ML Absentees

2.Stenographer Grade - III ML CML

3.Stenographer Grade - III ML Rollwise

4.Stenographer Grade - III ML UR

- -
Technical Assistant Lab. Gr. III

Technical Assistant Lab. (Group III) ML Absentees

2.Technical Assistant Lab. (Group III) ML CML

3.Technical Assistant Lab. (Group III) ML OBC

4.Technical Assistant Lab. (Group III) ML Rollwise

5.Technical Assistant Lab. (Group III) ML SC

6.Technical Assistant Lab. (Group III) ML UR

- -
Technical Assistant Lab. Gr. IV

Technical Assistant Lab. (Group IV) ML Absentees

2.Technical Assistant Lab. (Group IV) ML CML

3.Technical Assistant Lab. (Group IV) ML OBC

4.Technical Assistant Lab. (Group IV) ML Rollwise

5.Technical Assistant Lab. (Group IV) ML UR

- -
Upper Division Clerk

Upper Division Clerk ML Absentees

2.Upper Division Clerk ML CML

3.Upper Division Clerk ML Ex-SM

4.Upper Division Clerk ML OBC

5.Upper Division Clerk ML Rollwise

6.Upper Division Clerk ML UR

- -


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